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Specialization In Wide-Format

By choosing to specialize in Wide-Format, we have been able to learn and understand the particular way in which this technology can be successfully integrated into any size and type of company.

To each new customer, we bring the experience gained from our over 1,000 wide-format installations across a huge array of industries.

Technical Excellence
Well trained and well equipped, these highly motivated specialists are held to the highest of standards. They are provided every resource so that our customers can realize maximum value from their machines.

Solving Problems
Our priority is to match the customer with the machine and program that solves their specific problem at the lowest possible cost. This approach is part of why over 40% of our new placements come via referral.

Personal Service
No Voice Mail remains our policy. Your call is handled by a live person who will get to know you and your business. You will never have to “press 1” for anything.

Defining and Providing Value
Too often, companies today are forced to sacrifice excellent service in order to receive a fair price. Nearly as often, companies that do manage to provide excellent service do so at an uncompetitive price.
Patriot is founded on the core belief that you can achieve both Excellent Service and Competitive Pricing. When combined, we call this Value.

About Us
With over 30 years of experience in the printing equipment industry, President John Santaniello has gained knowledge from thousands of customers and their unique situations. He would like to have the opportunity to put that knowledge to work for you.

As a graduate of The Johns Hopkins University, John has continued to lead the wide-format industry in finding new and creative avenues to bring value to our customers. He enjoys visiting and learning about customers and their needs, and employing creative approaches to solving problems.

Patriot Blueprinting Systems is structured to enable John to maximize the benefit of his experience for customers while his wife, Pamela, administrates the day-to-day operations. Customer Service is a top priority at Patriot, with Pam leading the way.

Our motto is “Speak plainly, solve problems, and deliver value”. Patriot is dedicated to the core belief that if you treat people well, and if you are fair and keep your word, success is inevitable for both our company and yours.

Complimentary Needs Analysis
It takes more than memorizing machine specs and spouting some technical jargon to solve wide-format problems. Customer applications vary from industry to industry. Architects, Engineers, Construction, Aerospace, Government, Manufacturing and countless other industries all utilize large drawings. Yet, no two companies do it in exactly the same way.

We have spent years learning about the different types of customers, and the best way to help each of them. We have found that the most effective way is by visiting them in person. This is a service we are happy to provide.

Let us help you achieve greater productivity and reduced costs.

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