Canon Color Plotters and Multi-Function Systems

Canon Color Plotters and Multi-Function Systems

Whether you require CAD Drawings, Business Graphics, Signage, Aerial Photographs, Professional Photography, or Fine Art Reproduction, we can help.

Patriot is an Authorized Servicing Dealer for Canon Large-Format Printers and Systems.  We provide pre-sale guidance, professional delivery and installation, and a level of personal service that no faceless website or online store can match.  Our Field Service Team provides prompt, courteous, and capable service to our over 1,000 large format customers.

Precision Print Costing:  E-Z Print Service and Supply Program

Know how much each print costs.  Black Line Drawings, Color Line Drawings, Posters and Signage are all accounted for.  We will provide #20 roll Bond Paper, Ink Tanks, Print-Head Replacement, Maintenance Cartridges, Parts, Labor, Travel, and Software Support for your Canon Printer.  Black, Color Lines, and Graphics Prints are all invoiced at a fixed cost per square foot according to their category.

No ink to buy, no print-heads to change, no paper to shop for.

Print at a lower cost than if you purchased items separately using Patriot’s vast purchasing power and know exactly what those costs are. “Approximate” and “estimated” are not in our vocabulary.

Our non-commission structure means that we can focus on solving your problem, while providing real value for our customers.  Each year over 40% of our new placements come via referral.  Let us show you why.

Graphics, Photographs, and Fine Art: The Canon PRO SERIES

  • Canon 2000 PRO
    Own for $ 57 per month*
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  • Canon 4000 PRO
    Own for $ 94 per month*
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  • Canon 6000 PRO
    Own for $ 199 per month*
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CAD, Signage, Business Graphics Systems; The Canon TM Series

  • TM 200 Printer
    Own for $ 49 per month
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  • TM 300 Printer
    Own for $ 84 per month
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  • TM 305 with 500GB HDD
    Own for $ 94 per month
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  • TM 300MFP Scanner/Copier/Printer
    Own for $ 147 per month
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Higher Volume Color: The Canon TX Series

  • 36 inch Color Printer (1 roll)
    Own for $ 109 per month
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  • 36 inch Color Printer (2 roll)
    Own for $ 127 per month
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  • 2 roll-feed, 36 Inch Color Scanner/Copier/Printer
    Own for $ 188 per month
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