Why Patriot Blueprinting is Right For You

At Patriot, we place a huge emphasis on listening to our customers.

Over the years, we have gathered feedback from conversations with hundreds of our customers. Here is some of what we have learned.

The world's worst kept secret is that customers do not enjoy spending money on a wide-format printer or scanner. They spend it because they want a problem solved. They want this problem solved as quickly, efficiently, and for as little cost as possible.

The world's second worst kept secret is that customers hate voice-mail and automated telephone attendants.

It has also come to our attention that people do not care for sales pitches, particularly from commission-driven sales people who are more interested in selling you something than solving your problem. In that same survey, they ranked PowerPoint presentations just above root canal.

High pressure sales gimmicks, disparaging remarks about other companies, and absurd promises also scored very low in our survey.

The Patriot Pledge

In response to this information, we promise.

  • No Voice Mail
  • No Automated Phone Attendant
  • No "canned sales presentations"
  • No PowerPoint presentations
  • No commissioned sales people
  • A calm, rational, problem solving approach is to be used with customers

Let us make life a little easier for you

Call us toll-free at 1-866-598-7300 or email us at info@patriotblueprint.com.