Off-Lease Equipment

Significant savings and value

Patriot's phenomenal customer loyalty continues to provide us with quality off-lease KIP, Savin, and Ricoh wide-format equipment that we can make available to our customers.

Most of these units come back to us off of lease, short-term rentals, or the occasional lease repossession. Not all of them qualify to be resold, but the ones that do represent a tremendous value.

Leasing and financing are available on almost all of them. Many can simply be bought or leased for the balanced owed on them. In 99% of cases, the service and supply agreement can also be transferred over.

The market for this equipment is very dynamic. The images below are of some of our more frequently available models.

Check our inventory to see what's available

Please call 1-866-598-7300 or email to see what is currently available.

KIP 3000 KIP 8000