Customer Support

Over 40% of our new customers are
referred to us by existing customers.


At Patriot Blueprinting, we believe our excellent track record in customer service is solidly built on these four principles.

Commitment to Wide-Format

Wide-Format is our primary business. It is not a sideline, or something we do if you ask us to. Every week, we get calls from unhappy people who got a wide-format machine from a copier company and need our help. We always do our best to help them, and they have become some of our most loyal customers.

Personal Service

No Voice Mail remains our policy. Your inquiry is answered by a live person who is trained to help you immediately. You will never have to "Press 1" for anything.

You will talk to a dedicated staff member who knows you, your company, and your business. You will never need an account number when calling Patriot. If you can remember who you are and where you work, we will take care of the rest.

Technical Excellence

All of our technical and phone support comes from Patriot employees, not third parties, not from across the country or overseas.

The level of technician required for wide format is several notches above the nice fellow who comes to pull a jam out of the copier. Our technical staff average over 10 years experience. Well trained and well equipped, these highly motivated individuals are held to the highest of standards.

Good Business Sense

Providing the highest levels of customer support makes good business sense.

Being fair with customers makes good business sense.

Going above and beyond the norm for a customer with a deadline makes good business sense.

Hand delivery of paper upstairs, downstairs, or wherever you need it makes good business sense.

Doing things that are a little bit old school makes good business sense.

The only thing more expensive than providing outstanding customer support is finding a new customer to replace them if you don't.


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