5 Tips To Finding The Right Wide-Format Machine

Tip #1

Ask about the company

  • Do they understand your situation? Ask to see wide-format references in your field.
  • How long have they been selling wide-format? You do not want to be anyone's test case.
  • Are they willing to meet in person to look at your operation and offer the benefit of their experiences?

Tip #2

Avoid surprises

  • Often, the brochures talk about what the machine could do, if you get all the options. Make sure the price includes everything you want, in writing.
  • Never allow anyone to charge for "training."
  • Call your prospective vendor and see what it takes to get a live person on the phone.

Tip #3

Make sure the service contract serves you

  • Make sure your service contract includes paper, toner, and all parts.
  • Ask about annual increases in the prices for service and supplies, insist on a guaranteed period with no price increase.
  • Ask how many years you can still get a service contract after your lease ends, or will they make you buy a new machine?

Tip #4

Never include service and supplies in your lease

  • This only helps vendor and not the customer.
  • You should not be paying interest on service and supplies.
  • The service and supply plan should be the same, no matter how you pay for your machine.

Tip #5

Don't be pressured into buying

If a sales person ever says any of the following, laugh quietly to yourself and call 1-866-598-7300 immediately.

  • "If you buy by the end of the month, you can get a rebate, a discount or a free something or other, but you MUST buy today."
  • "Prices are going up tomorrow, next week, next month."
  • "I'll run it by the manager, if he says yes, will you buy today?"

You are not buying a used car. This is an important part of your company's work process.


If you have a question about anything related to wide-format, we will be happy to answer them without cost or obligation.

Call 1-866-598-7300 or email info@patriotblueprint.com.